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The purpose of art is to make the invisible visible
(Paul Klee)

Art Contemporain Asiatique/ Asian Contemporary Art



REIJI HIRAMATSU, "Symphonie des Nymphéas" by the Japanese artist
Muséee des Impressionistes, GIVERNY, France

12 July - 3 November 2024



YAYOI KUSAMA, Dots Obession by the Japanese artist
Les Franciscaines, DEAUVILLE, France
22 June- 22 September 2024



SZETO LAP "Presence" by the Chinese artist
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Espace Culturel ICICLE, PARIS 75008
14 June-5 September 2024



CHIHARU SHIOTA,"Beyond Consciousness" by the Japanese artist     read more
Biennale d'Aix, AIX EN PROVENCE
18 May - 6 October 2024


by the French-Vietnamese artist       read more
Musée des Arts Asiatiques, TOULON
26 April - 24 August 2024



HAEGUE YANG, ""Le Jardin : incantation - incarnation" by the Korean artist
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FRAC de Champagne-Ardenne, REIMS
4 April  - 22 September 2024




YOSHIAKI NAKAMURA, "Sound Borders" by the Japanese artist
Whitestone Gallery, TAIPEI, Taiwan
13 July - 24 August 2024



YUYU YANG, "Spirits of the Mountains", by the Taiwanese sculptor    read more
Asia Art Center, TAIPEI, Taiwan
13 July - 11 September 2024



LEE CHAE, "Melody Blue", a dual exhibition of the Korean artist with Katsuyoshi Inokuma
Whitestone Gallery, TAIPE, Taiwan

13 July - 24 August 2024




MARTHA ATIENZA, famous video by Filipino artist in Times Square
Celebrated Midnight Moment series, Times Square NEW YORK
1 - 31 July 2024




YOSHITOMO NARA, retrospective exhibition of the Japanese artist
Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, BILBAO, Spain
28 June - 3 November 2024



JU MING  "Ju Ming - Living World- Taichi" by the Taiwanese sculptor     read more
Asia Art Center, BEIJING
29 June - 1 September 2024



PACITA ABAD, "Underwater Wilderness" by the Filipino artist    read more
Tina Kim Gallery, NEW YORK
27 June - 6 August 2024



LI FANG "Flâneries" by the Chinese artist
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Galerie Oriane, MUNICH, Germany
27 June -24 July 2024



LI WEI AND LIU ZHIYIN, "Whispers of the Wind" by the Chinese artists
Whitestone Gallery, SINGAPORE
22 June - 18 August 2024



LEE JIN WOO, solo exhibition by the Korean artist     read more
White Cube gallery, HONG KONG
1 June - 7 September 2024


YANG JIECHANG, " The Last Tree", by the French-Chinese artist       read more
Alisan Fine Arts, HONG KONG
21 May -31 August 2024



LI CHEVALIER, "I Hear the Water Dreaming" by the French-Chinese artist        read more
Museum of Oriental Art, VENICE
11 May - 15 September 2024



SALMAN TOOR, Exhibition by the Pakistanese artist       read more
Venice Biennale 2024, VENICE, Arsenale
20 April - 24 November 2024



YANG YONGLIANG, "Vanishing Shore" by the Chinese artist     read more
HDM Gallery/HOW Art Museum, SHANGHAI
11 April-11 August 2024



ANISH KAPOOR, "Unseen"  by the British-Indian artist      read more
ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art, Ishøj, Denmark
11 April-20 October 2024



CAO FEI, Tidal Flux, by the Chinese artist
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Museum of Art of Pudong, SHANGHAI

22 June - 17 November 2024



TAKASHI MURAKAMI  Hiroshige's 100 Famous Views Of Edo (feat. Takashi Murakami)
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Brooklyn Museum, NEW YORK
5 April - 4 August 2024



ZENG FANZHI, "Near and Far/Now and Then" by the Chinese artist        read more
Scuola Grande della Misericordia, VENICE
Venice Biennale
17 April - 30 September 2024



TAKASHI MURAKAMI, "Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto”, by the Japanese artist
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Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art, KYOTO
3 February - 1 September 2024



YAYOI KUSAMA, exhibition Infinite LoveSan Francisco Museum of Art by the Japanese artist
September 2023 - October 2025